About St. Mary’s

Welcome to St. Mary’s Catholic Church! Since the 1880’s, the Church of St. Mary’s has been an essential part of the Waverly community by bringing the sacraments and the teachings of the Church to thousands of people. Today, our parish family continues its mission of proclaiming the message of Jesus Christ and nourishing souls with the gifts of his presence and his grace.

At the heart of our parish’s life is the Eucharist: both celebrated at Mass and in worship of the Blessed Sacrament outside of Mass as adoration. Both these forms of Eucharistic worship are united in a beautiful way, as described by our Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI:

“Communion and Adoration do not stand side by side, or even in opposition, but are indivisibly one. For communicating means entering into fellowship. Communicating with Christ means having fellowship with him. That is why Communion and contemplation belong together: a person cannot communicate with another person without knowing him. He must be open for him, see him, and hear him. Love or friendship always carries within it an impulse of reverence, of adoration. Communicating with Christ therefore demands that we gaze on him, allow him to gaze on us, listen to him, get to know him. Adoration is simply the personal aspect of Communion.” 

We invite you to celebrate with us this friendship with Christ in the Eucharist, and we hope that you find the presence of Jesus alive, in a variety of ways, in all that we do at St. Mary’s.

St. Mary’s Catholic Church

Box 278 – 303 N. 6th St.

Waverly, MN 55390

Phone: (763)726-7300