Message from Father O’Hotto

Dear Parishioners,
On this First Sunday of Lent we will hear in the verse of the Gospel Acclamation and in the
Communion Antiphon; “One does not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes
forth from the mouth of God.” (Matthew 4:4)
Rich and poor alike, eat bread, people purchase bread and make their own bread. Bread is a
main staple of life. The Lord is telling us that in addition to bread we need His Holy Word so
that we can live life fully. His Holy Word is the spiritual bread that nourishes us as we journey
to the Kingdom of Heaven. And, rich and poor alike, can listen to God’s Holy Word.
We know we are to listen to God’s Holy Word, not just with our ears, but also with our heart
and mind. And we know that God wants us to live His Holy Word and put it into practice.
During Lent, take the time to read God’s Holy Word. Before Mass, read the readings for the
Sunday Mass. Then, when you hear them, you will be familiar with them, and they will resonate more with you. Take time to read from your bible at home. Archbishop Fulton Sheen of
Happy Memory, once said: “If you want to get to know Jesus better, read the Gospels.” The
Gospels tell us what Jesus said and did and how the people reacted to what He said and did.
Start with the Gospel of Mark. That Gospel is the oldest Gospel of the four Gospels and the
shortest. Read a few chapters before you go to bed. The next night, read a few more chapters and so on. It won’t take long and you would have read the whole Gospel of Mark. Then
go to Matthew. And then Luke, you will see that Matthew, Mark and Luke are very similar.
Then go to the Gospel of John. This Gospel is totally different from the other three.
When Lent is over, you can look back and say: “I read all four Gospels!” And you can look
back and see what you learned and how God spoke to you!
Yes, God’s Holy word reminds us that God gives us bread to eat. Not only His Holy Word, but
also His Eucharistic Presence! Jesus said: “I am the living bread that came down from Heaven,
whoever eats this bread will live forever. And the bread that I will give is my flesh for the life
of the world.” (John 6:52) We also need Jesus’ Eucharistic Presence to live forever.
During Lent, let us remember the importance of God’s Holy Word. Let us remember we need
bread to eat, so that we can live! In addition, let us remember that Jesus said” One does not
live by bread alone, but on every word that comes forth
from the mouth of God.”
During Lent, Let us take time to get familiar with God’s Holy
Word, and let us remember that Jesus is the Bread of Life!
May God bless our Lenten journey.
Father Ken O’Hotto
Your Pastor and Spiritual Father