Winter Schedule & Lessons

St. Mary’s Parish

Family Formation Schedule (Grades 1-6)

Winter 2019

Week Date Description Lesson Download
1 Jan 16th Grades 1 – 6 Parent – Child Celebration Night
2 Jan 23rd Home Lesson Sanctity of Life
3 Jan 3oth Home Lesson What Makes A Family
4 Feb 6th Home Lesson Love
5 Feb 13th Grades 1 – 6 Parent – Child Celebration Night
6 Feb 20th Home Lesson Lenten Activities
7 Feb 27th Home Lesson God, the Father
8 Mar 6th No Class – Ash Wednesday
Mass at 7:00 p.m.
9 Mar 13th Home Lesson Jesus Christ, the Son
10 Mar 20th Home Lesson The Holy Spirit
11 Mar 27th No Class Spring Break
12 Apr 3rd Lenten Penance Grades 2-6
Home Lesson
Easter Activities
13 Apr 10th Grades 1 – 6 Parent – Child Celebration Night
14 Apr 17th No Class – Holy Week
Home Lesson
Conscience & Temptation
15 Apr 24th Grades 1 – 6 Children Only – Resurrection Party
16 May 1st Home Lesson Resurrection Appearances of Jesus
17 May 8th Closing Mass – All Grades

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